Tiled Roofing Service

Roman Construction offer new tile, replacement tile and roof tile repairs services for all types of homes. Tiled roofing is often hardwearing, safe and secure and typically has a relatively long lifespan. However, sometimes a bit of roof maintenance is needed from replacing broken or damaged tiles, repairing lead work or re-pointing the ridge can prolong this lifespan a little further.

Inevitably though, as with all tiled roofs, there will come a time when either through age or water penetration your roof tiles will need to be replaced. That's why we also specialise in roof repairs alongside our other services.

Our tiled roofing experts will install and repair tiled roofs using the most up to date roofing materials and methods of installation, to the highest roofing standards as you would expect from any construction firm.

New Roof Tiles

Roof tiles and ridges now come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes that will suit your preference and your property. This is why you may see homes in your street changing their roof tiles to something that is more appealing and functional.

We supply, install and maintains all types of tiles for your roof:

  • Metal tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Bituminous tiles
  • Natural slate tiles
  • Composite tiles

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Slate Roofing

Main homes around Berkshire, Surrey and West London use slate tiles. From old welsh slate to modern Chinese and European Slate offering affordable slate replacement. Your slate roofs should have a long life span, are water resistant and resist climate changes. Individual slates can easily and cheaply replaced if they have cracked or slipped.

No matter the size of the job, our team will be happy to offer you a free estimate on any slate roof work you need completing. We are happy to come out and visit you, assess your requirements and give a free, no obligation estimate. We will try our best to beat any other estimate provided by any other company.

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